Practice the English language whenever and wherever you want
Engly is your personal AI English tutor that engages you in learning and practicing the language in your favorite messaging app
How does it work?
Open the messaging app
Engly does not require installation, it works such messengers as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp. Choose your favorite
Pick your level
If you know your level of English, choose it yourself. In case you are not sure, Engly will assess it during your conversation
Set a goal
Set your goals, is it to enlarge your vocabulary or get familiar with a topic or maybe prepare your self for a meeting
Pick a topic
We have prepared many real-life situations for our conversations, but you can also offer some of your own
English on your terms
Whenever and wherever you want
In public transport, while commuting, in bed, before you go to sleep, at a boring Zoom meeting, and so on. The list is endless
Overcome your anxiety
Do not worry that someone will judge you or impatiently wait for your answer - Engly is a very friendly robot
Get a real-life conversation
Engly can chat with you on a wide range of topics. The dialogue never repeats itself.
Speak at your level
The complexity of the conversation will be automatically adjusted to your level of command of English
Chat with Engly on various topics
We have selected real-life situations that you may face daily. But Engly enables you to talk on any topic.
В театре
About sports
With friends
At the party
At a date
About arts
Get directions
At restaurant
Helpdesk service
Job interview
In the shop
Work correspondence
Engly is here to help
If you don't understand a word or a whole phrase in a conversation, you can ask Engly to translate it and then pronounce it
Translate and pronounce
If you turn on the "correction" mode, Engly will point out your mistakes
Point out mistakes
Rephrase the sentence
Enlgy can rephrase its own sentence to make it easier for you to understand
At the end of the dialogue, Engly will assess your level of English. The assessment will take into account grammatical errors, vocabulary in use, and the topic coverage
Evaluate dialogue
Unlimited dialogues
Monthly fee
5,90 €
Start practicing English now